AutNo no car, no problem. find apartments on public transit

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Apartments + Subway, Rail, and Bus

What is AutNo?

AutNo is the first apartment search designed for commuters and people without cars. Finding the right rental can be difficult when you rely on public transportation. AutNo makes it easy by integrating routes and schedules from thousands of subway, bus, and rail lines.

How does AutNo work?

AutNo finds recently posted apartments on the web and through our vast array of data partners. AutNo has one of the largest selection of apartments online. As of April 2014, AutNo has over 1 million searchable units.


Who is AutNo working with?

AutNo has established data partnership with 100s of apartment & rental websites. Here are some of our partners.,,,,,,

What have people been saying?

AutNo was just released but has already made a huge impact in the way people search for apartments.

I go to college in Boston and can't live on campus. Before I found your website I spent hours cross referencing address with subway lines. Thanks!

Ayala from Boston

I wish I found this website 3 weeks ago. You've made my life so much easier.

Suriah from Pittsburgh

I just wanted to let you know that I found my apartment with AutNo. It was easy to use and had a great selection of apartments. Thank you!

Matt from San Francisco